Free life skills qualification

Our life skills courses and qualifications can help you gain some essential skills you need to get on in life and at work, giving you a solid basis for further learning and employment.

Free life skills qualification
  • You'll learn about managing your time and money, cooking and making healthy choices, and engaging with your local community. You can also cover expectations at work and how to plan your career.

    We offer qualifications at entry level 3. Here's a simple guide to our different levels of qualifications. Before you start we'll check which level of qualification you should be working towards and the skills you already have in the different areas of the qualification, like time management or healthy eating. This helps us work out which courses are right for you, so you don't cover things you already know.

    Your qualification could be made up of courses in managing your money, planning your time, community action, healthy living and eating, or getting and keeping a job.

  • Getting and Keeping a Job

    Whether you're looking for work, changing career or you'd like to progress in your current job, our courses on work will help you.

    Managing your Money

    In these tough times, we all need to make our money go further. As the credit crunch bites, many of us are worried about being in debt and need help getting out of it. Our courses on money are packed with practical tips, techniques and advice to help you.

    Planning your Time

    Do you ever make plans to do something but never manage to get everything finished? We'll help you improve your management skills.

    Healthy Living and Eating

    Taking regular exercise and eating a healthy diet can improve your chances of a longer, healthier life. These courses give you practical advice on how you and your family can enjoy a healthier life and make the right food choices.

    • Thanks to government funding your courses and qualification could be free. We'll confirm this with you before you start.
    • Enrol and learn online at one of our centres, where you'll get face to face support from our friendly staff.
    • Your tutor will be there to give you advice, and you'll have regular progress reviews to keep you on track.
    • When you've completed all your courses, you'll either take a test or present your work as a portfolio of evidence. Your centre will explain this to you and in either case make sure you have lots of practice beforehand so you're totally prepared.
    • Join our online community where you can talk with other learners, ask for help and make new friends too.