Free job seeking and employability qualification

Getting into work can be scary. If you've never had a job or are returning to work after a long break, then our introductory job seeking and employability courses and qualifications will help you prepare for finding a job and find out where to look for a job.

Free job seeking and employability qualification
  • You'll find out what employers are looking for, discover how to feel confident in interviews and make sure you know the best way to stay in work and keep a job.

    We offer qualifications at entry level 3 and level 1. Here's a simple guide to our different levels of qualifications. Before you start we'll check which level of qualification you should be working towards and the skills you already have in the different areas of the qualification, like working in a team or filling out application forms. This helps us work out which courses are right for you, so you don't cover things you already know.

    Your qualification could be made up of courses in planning your career, communicating at work, developing leadership skills, handling money, solving problems or reaching targets.

  • Planning your Career

    If you're worried about getting a job or returning to employment after a break, our courses will help you plan for job hunting, interviews, writing a CV and cover letter, and filling out application forms.

    Communicating at Work

    Build effective working relationships with customers and colleagues by making a good impression at work.

    Developing Leadership Skills

    Managing yourself and your performance can help you to develop your leadership skills.

    Handling Money at Work

    Whether you handle petty cash or money on a larger scale, being able to handle money responsibly, knowing the methods of payment and following procedures for handling money can be important in your job.

    Problem Solving at Work

    Learn how to prioritise your plans and make confident decisions when problems arise. These courses will help you to plan your working day, so you'll know how to fit tasks around other responsibilities.

    Reaching Targets

    By understanding targets at work, you can see how important they are for individuals, teams and the company or business as a whole.

    • Thanks to government funding your courses and qualification could be free. We'll confirm this with you before you start.
    • Enrol and learn at one of our centres, where you'll get face to face support from our friendly staff.
    • Your tutor will be there to give you advice, and you'll have regular progress reviews to keep you on track.
    • When you've completed all your courses, you'll either take a test or present your work as a portfolio of evidence. Your centre will explain this to you and in either case make sure you have lots of practice beforehand so you're totally prepared.