What is an Apprenticeship?

Are you considering taking on apprentice? We’re here to help!

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes for people aged 16 and over. They combine on the job training with nationally recognised qualifications and are a great way build a skilled and motivated workforce.


As an employer you will be responsible for paying the wages of your apprentice and you must pay them at least the minimum wage rate for an apprentice which is currently £3.30 per hour. You’ll also have control over how the training is delivered and what they will learn, which means you can shape your apprentice in to a key member of your team.

Apprenticeships come in different levels from intermediate and advanced to degree level and will last a minimum of 12 months, but depending on the qualification they may take longer.


There are lots of different subjects available to choose from sector specific Apprenticeships like Childcare or Retail, to Apprenticeships that can help all employers improve the business skills of their staff, such as Business Admin, Customer Service or Management and Team Leading

Whether you are looking to employ someone new or train one of your existing employees, most Apprenticeships can be tailored to fit specific job roles and functions, giving your staff the skills that are right for your business.

When you know you want to employ an apprentice, you’ll need to find a training provider to provide the off the job training that lead to the qualification. They’ll also support your apprentice throughout their Apprenticeship, deal with all the paperwork and keep you up to date with their progress.

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