Funding an Apprenticeship

We can signpost you to funding initiatives that may be available to your business

Did you know 100% funding could be available to support the delivery of an Apprenticeship?

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Facts about funding

    • the government contributes to the costs of training apprentices because they want to create a skilled workforce in the UK
    • government funding for training goes directly to the training provider
    • the government will contribute more towards the training costs of younger apprentices. This reflects the fact that they’re still completing their education and need more help to gain the skills they need for work
    • for 16-18 year olds, the government contributes what it describes as the ‘full costs of the training’. This means that you don’t have to pay for any of the training
  • for 19 -23 year olds, the government contributes 50% of the funding. This may mean that you have to make some payment towards the cost of the training. We’ll work closely with you to work out any contribution that you may need to make


  • the government also funds older workers though priority has been given to apprentices who are under 24


  • the government also pays towards improving the English and maths skills of apprentices which are essential for everyday tasks. Where ICT is a mandatory requirement of an Apprenticeship, government funding may also be available to support this. We’ll always advise on the range of funding available before the training starts


  • we can help you apply for Apprenticeship Grants for Employers* (AGE grants) of £1,500 if you take on an apprentice who is aged 16-24. You’re likely to eligible if you haven’t employed an apprentice in the past year and have fewer than 50 employees. You may claim up to five grants


  • most local authorities are also very keen to promote Apprenticeships. A number of them provide additional grants to encourage the recruitment of apprentices so it’s worth exploring this possibility


Funding and Modern Apprenticeships

To find out about the funding available for Modern Apprenticeships, call us on 0141 438 2099.