aap3 is a global IT services and recruitment company. At their head office in Southampton and with the encouragement of their CEO they’ve been reaping the benefits of bringing young people into the business through Apprenticeships, with one learndirect apprentice working in the HR department at their head office as well as five others on an NVQ programme. They’re a mixture of level 2 and level 3 IT, business admin and team leading qualifications.

Mykala Macfarlane, HR Advisor at aap3 said: “We started working with learndirect after being impressed by their professionalism, speed of response and how easy they were to deal with. With learndirect it’s a lot easier to fit learning around working hours. This means it’s a lot easier to get the buy in of managers.

“We really believe in Apprenticeships at aap3. We always bring the apprentices on with the promise of a guaranteed job and career progression at the end of it. If there’s a position we can fill through the Apprenticeship route then that’s what we do.

“Our focus is on employing and developing young people through this route. We find through the Apprenticeship we are able to mould them to fit the needs of our business. They don’t come in with set ways of working and they bring fresh ideas and fresh viewpoints.

“It’s really great to see the apprentices grow and develop. We’re seeing them at the beginnings of their career, helping them to grow in confidence, develop professionally and cement the foundations for their future careers.

“The staff at learndirect have been brilliant, really professional and helpful and the learners are happy too. The help in recruiting the apprentices has also been invaluable with the adverts going out quickly when we need them to.

“We’re going to keep on doing what we’re doing with the Apprenticeships. It continues to work for us and for the apprentices.”

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