McDonald’s – Inspiration Award winner

Restaurant giant McDonald’s have won the business impact award at the learndirect Inspiration Awards final in London.

McDonald'sMcDonald’s Restaurants invest £43million each year in training and
development programmes – breaking down barriers to education and offering an environment which promotes lifelong learning.  Their Apprenticeship programme is an integral part of career development within the company, with 55% of apprentices progressing to become trainers and 27% of apprentices going on to become shift managers.

Thanks to qualifications being tailored to the individual, 82% of apprentices say the Apprenticeship is improving their confidence and through learndirect employees have the opportunity to improve their maths, English and IT skills through online Functional Skills. This also translates into benefits for the business, with their mystery shopper programme results revealing those restaurants with the most effective Apprenticeship programmes see a 6.5% improvement in customer satisfaction and improved retention rates.

David Newson, Apprenticeship Quality Manager at McDonald’s said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive this award. As one of the largest employers of young people in the UK, we are fully aware of the role businesses can play in tackling skills shortages. As employers we can help by offering training, support and further qualifications to help them to develop transferable skills and strengthen the abilities that they already have. This not only helps them to perform better in the workplace but it also gives them confidence and a broader foundation to build their careers.”